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Mentoring Program (9th to 11th grade)

We are committed to helping students achieve both in and out of the classroom. Our mentoring program provides multi-dimensional assistance in a student’s life, from pursuing academic success to setting life goals. We are not providing answers, but helping students to ask the right questions.



We pair our students with recent graduates or current students from top universities. Mentors help students to become better leaders by enabling them to relate to other people. Many of our mentors have searched for the right major or a meaningful major, and they can help you to brainstorm the endless possibilities.


One of the biggest challenges for high school students is finding and committing to meaningful extracurricular activities. You may want to create an online video game, but how? Our mentors can help you understand your goals from a real-world career perspective.


Develop skills sets, social skills. Study skills to communication skills. Help them develop sound habits that is the foundation of future success.